March from The Marches

HaywoodLambsHello!  Well here we are at Easter, and I don’t know about you but I’m very glad to think that spring is just around the corner.  It’s been a mixed month, the house move certainly took its toll on my health and energy levels, and together with getting things liveable, there hasn’t been a lot going on creatively.  But being here is lovely, and in between the last wintery days there have been little pockets of spring promise!

…it was a WARM sunshiney day when I went back to the Dyfi Valley to visit Tir Heddwch, and we were able to sit outside and eat lunch with a glorious view up the mountain…TirHeddwch…and on the next sunny day, I visited one of my favourite places in Wales, now just half an hour’s drive from my house!  Points if you recognise where it is…PwllYWrach…but it was a rainy day when I sat by the window with some yarn scraps, glue, and card-making things to make a crochet card.  I had great fun with this, have more planned, and will do a full post soon….CardBits…a brilliantly sunny morning for the SOLAR ECLIPSE!  I sat in my garden and had a spectacular view of it all happening, it was amazing to see.  Turns out however that you can’t photograph eclipses by pointing your camera straight at the sun.  Who knew…?

spottheeclipse…and speaking of gardens, I’ve been re-acquainting myself with that favourite old winter/early spring pastime: browsing seed catalogues and seed-swaps with friends!  Not that I’ve had any to swap myself this year, but I’ve been given so many by my lovely friends that I should be a seedionairre by the end of the season!  Thank you so much Jas, Graeme, Mary, Annie, and Helen… seedy…it’s been a wet and windy week so far, but no Spring in the Marches would be complete without going out to say hello to these little cuties, now would it??Ewe&lambs

Wishing you all a very happy Easter and Full Moon weekend, I shall refrain from  making any baaaaad puns (oops, sorry!) 😉