WhooHoo! Blue batik tunic

It feels like a long time since my last ‘WhooHoo’ moment, but after much pattern-adjustment and alteration, I’ve finally finished my first dressmaking project of the year!bluefishbatik2

Now, as I’ve not done any dressmaking for a while, I thought I’d begin with something *simple*.  Enter New Look 6086, a relatively straightforward tunic pattern that I’ve made before.  Only trouble is, I’ve gone up a dress size and changed shape a bit since I last made this.  Dim problem (as we say in Wales): enter Barbara Deckert’s ‘Sewing for Plus Sizes’, everything the curvy girl needs to know to make things that fit her.deckert&NewLookWell, except… having altered EVERY SINGLE seam apart from the centre back, doing an FBA, altering the length & position of the darts, changing width and length of the sleeves…

bodice alteration

…I’d trashed the pattern so much I ended up having to trace off a new one.  I wish I’d just bought another and cut it the right size in the first place!  I was so fed up fiddling with the pattern and itching to get on with making the actual top that in the end, I forgot to do a crucial little ‘petite’ adjustment above the bustline.bluefishbatik top

So as you can see, there is a bit of bagginess going on in the upper chest, but overall I’m pretty happy with this as a first sew of the year.  So much so that I wore it last weekend’s World Textile Day, hence the slightly creased look as I took the pics when I got home!bluefishbatikagain

Now if we could just have a bit more of that lovely sunshiney stuff, I can pack my jumpers away and get on with the summer wardrobe!


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