Dyfi Valley Walk

Sunny days always feel like such a gift at this time of year, and we’ve had a couple this week so I grabbed the chance to take my camera out for a walk! estuarysky1

I don’t talk about it much here on the blog (mainly because it pervades every other aspect of my life), but I have M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and some days I don’t have much energy at all.  But walking was a huge source of happiness in my life before I got ill, and still is on days when I have the energy to enjoy it.  Even though I may be limited to a short walk on the hill behind my house, I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful area, and I thought I’d share my little section of the Wales Coast Path with you……

…starting with my neighbours’ hydrangeas, that have been bursting with colour this autumn, cheering me up as I head through the gate onto the footpath…hydrangeas

…huffing up the hill, it’s good to stop halfway and admire the beautiful sky above the estuary today, with the sea beyond…
UptheHill…some days I don’t make it any further than my favourite bench!
favebenchBut that’s OK, it’s a lovely place to sit and admire the view of the valley…
benchview…you can see quite a few local landmarks from here, including every trainspotters’ favourite, Dyfi Junction bridge and station…dyfijunction…and, a little further along, the Dyfi Osprey Project bird hide.  I quite often meet bird-watchers on my walk with their binoculars out, but must admit I’ve never seen the ospreys! …ospreybirdhide…today I made it along the footpath through the beech trees, which is carpeted in bluebells in May but full of good crunchy autumn leaves now instead…beachesfootpath…and into the little woods beyond.  A lot of the bigger trees came down in the big February storm this year, but most of the younger ones survived and are looking lovely today with their pinky-orange leaves in the late afternnon sun…talgarthwoods…on a good day, I might take a circular route by walking up to the top of the hill from here and returning via the pond.  But today it’s enough to have made it as far as the woods, and I’m rewarded by a mellow sunset over the sea as I stroll back down toward home…downhillsunsetI hope wherever you are, that you too are having some sunny days, and can manage to get out and enjoy them! 🙂

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