June Delights

towerhouseCrickWell I wished for a sunny solstice month, and for once we really did get one, didn’t we?!  I don’t know about you, but I do find that my energy increases when there’s plenty of sunshine around, so it’s been a good month for me…

…finally cutting into some of my vintage fabric stash to make myself a summer dress (more soon!)…70sSundressWIP …NEW SHOES!!!  OK, not that exciting for most people, I know, but the last time I had anything other than replacing-essentials-that-have-worn-out shoes (ie winter boots & wellies) was THREE YEARS ago, so excuse me for getting just a little bit excited! newshoes …just THE most magical, wonderful solstice weekend party at my lovely friend Jas’s place…solsticeparty …followed by a couple of days ‘glamping’ near the Usk Valley…cwmduglamping1mandala madness!mandalamadness   …which inspired a funky new house number for my front door, finally, after losing the outside one to the big storm back in February…4ontheDoor Lovely, sunshiney, energising June.  Now for a glorious July!


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