Granny Takes a (HUGE) Trip Cardigan

gtat frontRemember this? – Yes, it’s the gorgeous ‘Granny Takes a Trip’ cardigan pattern by Elene Warren.  As regular readers will know, I’ve been working on this project for an absolute AGE now.

I was fully expecting to be giving a big ‘WhooHoo!’ reveal on this one this week, but sadly not.  Let me show you why…

68 squares, 2 half-squares and 10 godets, all blocked EXACTLY to the pattern measurements blockedsquares2   All laid out and sewn together in stripscardielayoutEvery strip edged with additional rows of DC (US Treble) in order to make up my size (according to the pattern); godets sewn into place; strips assembled and sewn together as per diagram (on inadequate table in poorly-lit room!)joininggranny

And now, finally, today, the moment of try-on!  Just the lovely picot edging to do.  So come on, tell me honestly….toobig3


Obviously, the girl on the pattern picture is seven feet tall, but who knew her shoulders were four feet wide as well??

Ho hum.  In my defence, this is the first time I’ve crocheted a garment, so even though I do a lot of dressmaking and always get my tape measure out rather than trust the sizes given on the pattern envelope, I just didn’t think to do the same for this!  Lesson learned…toobig2Right, I’m off now to do some unpicking.  I may be some time!


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