The first SarahStar blog post!

Aloha, namaste and welcome to the first post on the all-new SarahStar site!

Why ‘all-new’? – Well, because this is not the first incarnation of this website.  The original site was set up about seven years ago, when I was living on Dartmoor and studying for my MA.  It was grey, moody, all about work and very very SERIOUS…

But now I live back in magical Mid-Wales, I wanted to make a whole new site that’s colourful, playful, and all about the things in life that inspire me and bring me joy.   Crochet, sewing, growing things, being outdoors, and big, colourful, 70s-wallpaper-style patterns.  And my collection of actual 70s wallpapers! flowery pink purple and orange 1970s wallpaper

So this site is really the antithesis of the old one… Thank you so much for visiting, I hope I can share some things that brighten your day! yellow sunflower with bees on blossom



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