WhooHoo! Yarnbomb lampshade!

yarnbomblampshade1Oh, TWO ‘whoohoo’s in a month, can you believe it?!!  As mentioned last time, now that I have my gorgeous Mexican Sunset cushion, what better way to co-ordinate one’s crazy interior décor scheme than to make a matching lampshade?

This little project was entirely inspired by Lucy at Attic 24’s funky lampshade yarnbomb post.  I just loved this so much and knew I wanted to make one of my own!  I followed her pattern fairly closely, except for starting and finishing with sc/dc/sc border (that’s dc/tr/dc in UK).  I thought I could resist adding bobbles, but once I’d finished the scallop edge the whole thing had a kind of circusy feel about it that demanded bobbles to complete the look!yarnbomblamplitupOh, this is SO much better than my boring, old, slightly cracked and discoloured white lampshade that I’ve had for a million years!  Go on, get your hook out, you know you want one…


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