WhooHoo! Wiggle cushion

At last, here it is: my alpaca version of the ‘Wiggle’ cushion!finishedwiggle1 I LOVE the feel and texture of this, combined with the fab-tastic chevron pattern and crazy colour combo it’s all come together in a very happy-me-making way!  Not that using a different yarn from the one recommended was without its snags, I must confess.

As mentioned in my previous progress report, the fabric worked up into a very long scrunchy ‘concertina’, and  I was right to worry about whether this would block out easily.  The answer? – no, No, NO!  I tried steam blocking it, spraying it, even pinning it to the ironing board and pressing it with a cloth.  As I unpinned each cooled, supposedly pressed section and moved it along, it just scrunched itself back up again.  ARGH!!wigglepressing In the end I resorted to pressing it directly with the iron, which still didn’t result in an entirely flat piece of work, and also filled my sewing room with the delightful aroma of burnt wool….

So, wiggle by name, wiggly by nature!  I found crocheting the foundation row and final rows together a bit of a fiddle, too, but perhaps this was down to my gorgeous hairy alpaca yarn not giving quite the same stitch definition as the cotton 4-ply recommended in the pattern.  But happily, once the cushion pad was in, this stretched everything taut enough to make sewing the side seams relatively easy.  The book says to use a mattress stitch, not something I’ve used before and I wouldn’t say mine’s particularly tidy – my hand sewing isn’t up to much at the best of times!wiggleseams Nevertheless, compared to the this image that I fell in love with in the Kaleidoscope book,wiggleprojectplanning I must say I’m CHUFFED to bits with my version of this lovely design!finishedwiggle2 I’d love to know if anyone else has had a go at this, or had similar blocking issues when working with alpaca?

For the rest of this week I’m planning on finishing up a bag project which I’ll share with you soon, and also have an exciting new crochet pattern I’m working on – look out for a full tutorial coming next month!

Til then, happy hooking, stitching, and general crafty goodness!

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