Whoo-Hoo! Late Summer Ripple Blanket!


I did it!  The Late Summer ripple blanket was finished the weekend before last, with a couple of days to spare (and take some pictures this time!) before heading off to visit my folks.  75 stripes of Dad-Pleasing Gorgeousness – hurray!bedspread finishedI presented it to my dad the next day, and he was VERY chuffed!  As usual, he’d completely forgotten that he’d ever mentioned liking the Purple Waves blanket and asking for one in shades of orange, and my mum had kept it quiet, so it came as a real surprise to him when I handed it over.  He loved the colours and told me later it was one of the nicest presents anyone had ever given him.  Aaah…  I’m SO pleased!border2

So, for all you blanket-makers out there, I used the following eight shades of Stylecraft special DK: Citron; Saffron; Sunshine; Gold; Jaffa; Spice; Copper; Matador.  The finished blanket covers a double bed, although I actually made it to fit a single bed with lots of additional wrap-around, snuggle-room.  I began with a Ch 213, and worked 75 stripes of 2 rows each, beginning and ending with Jaffa.


I wanted a nice colourful border, so I did the rows of trebles on the long sides of the blanket in Sunshine, then filled in the ripples top and bottom and continued along the sides with a row of sc in Jaffa.  Finally, I did two rows of sc all around the border in Copper to finish off.corners1

I really like the nice ‘crisp’ finish that the two rows in the darker colour gives – I did the same on the Blue Waves blanket as well.

This has been my quickest blanket make to date: I started it on 16 August and finished on 17 October!  It’s also been one of the most interesting, as this isn’t my usual colour palette and I wasn’t at all sure how they’d work together.  But I loved the way it turned out, and seeing my dad so happy was BRILLIANT!finished2

Thanks as always to Lucy at Attic24 for the patterns and tutorials, which you can find HERE and HERE.  If you’ve been thinking about having a go at blanket making, I urge you to have a go at the ripple blanket.  It’s very simple and satisfying to work, and such great fun to play around with different colour combinations.  You can’t go wrong!

Wishing you all a ripplin’ good weekend 🙂


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