Tutorial Time! – Mexican Sunset granny square

mexicansunsetsquaresThis square was inspired by Ellen Warren’s Granny Takes a Trip square, which as you know has been occupying a lot of my time lately!  Mine has a slight variation in the final round, and is worked using different colours for each round.  I love these hot colours, with just a little bright blue for contrast – they made me think of hot chilli and sunsets, hence the name!  finished sides To make a Mexican Sunset cushion cover, you will need eighteen squares in total, nine for each side.  I made mine using a 4mm hook and Rico Creative Cotton Aran in Tangerine, Fuchsia, Cherry, Orange, Turquoise and Cardinal.


(NB: This tutorial uses US crochet terms as this is what I’m used to using!  For a conversion chart see http://www.yarnfwd.com/main/crochet.html)

beginCH6bTo begin, ch6 and join to make a loop, or use a magic ring.   I always prefer to turn my loop over at this point before I begin working, so that the slip knot in the very first chain is covered up by my first round and doesn’t show through on the right side of my finished square:turnloop1   Round 1round1CH3ch3, as above

rnd1finishThen work 15 dc into loop,  join with a sl st and fasten off.  You’ll notice I’m working my stitches over the ‘tail’, this is so I can pull the tail to cinch up the ring if needed when I’m done.

Round 2Rnd2joincolourInsert hook between two dcs from previous round and pull up a loop to join new colour

Rnd2ch4etcch4 (counts as 1 dc, ch1).  Insert hook into next sp between dcs; *dc, ch1*

Rnd2finishrpt from * to * around into each sp.  Join with sl st into 3rd ch of original ch4 and fasten off

Round 3Rnd3dc2Join new colour in any ch1 space from previous round.  Ch3 (counts as 1 dc), dc into same sp, ch1.  Then 2dc into next sp, ch1, repeat once more; 2 dc into next sp, ch3 to make cornerRnd3cornerSo you now have four 2dc clusters with a ch1 space between them making the first ‘side’ of your square, and a nice ch3 corner!  Now make the next three sides in the same way: *2dc, ch1 in next three ch1 sps; 2dc into next space, ch3 to make corner*.  Repeat *-* three more times.

When you’ve made the last ch3 corner, join with a sl st into the third ch of your initial ch3. Now you have a square – woohoo!  You may need to pull out the corners gently at this stage to give it a bit more shape, as I’ve done here:Rnd3finish

Round 4Rnd4ch1joinJoin new colour in any ch3 corner space and ch1

Rnd4sceachst*work 3 sc into corner space, then 1sc into each st and ch1 sp along side to next corner sp*

Rnd4finishRepeat from * to * to end.  Join with sl st into initial ch1 and fasten off

Round 5Rnd5joincolourAlmost done!  Insert hook into the middle st of any corner and pull up a loop to join new colour

Rnd5ch6dc1Ch6 (counts as 1dc, ch3); 1dc into same st

Rnd52ndcornerNow work *1 dc into each st of previous round, up to middle st of next corner; 1dc, ch3, 1dc into middle st* Repeat from *to* twice more.  For the final side, work 1dc into each st up to initial corner, then join with a sl st into 3rd ch of initial ch6. Brilliant, you’ve now completed your square!  Only 17 more to go…

blockingsquaresI always like to block my squares if I’m joining them together as my crochet tends to be a bit sloppy!

To make up the cushion cover, join nine squares together for each side.  I sewed mine together using a simple whip-stitch but you could crochet them together for a different look.  I did a round of single crochet around the entire edge of each square, then joined the two sides together with another round of single crochet.

finished sides As this is a bit of special cushion, I also made a lining for it with a zip closure so it can be removed for washing.  But I’ll show you this on my next post, which will be a ‘Woo-Hoo, Finished Project!!’ post.

‘Til then, happy hooking!



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