My Mexican Sunset mandala in Simply Crochet magazine!

mexicansunset2Something very exciting (for me, anyway!) happened recently! – Remember the Mexican Sunset mandala I made back in June for Yarndale?  Well as you know, I am a worshipper at the Temple of Attic 24, so I put a link to my tutorial in the Mandala page comments on Lucy’s website.

I only just got my mandala in the post before the deadline, and it took a while before it appeared on the Pinterest board.  But in the meantime, I opened my inbox and found…Lucysemail2OOOOOHWOW!!!  Can I even say how BEYOND THRILLED I was!?!  An email from Lucy! Wanting to use MY mandala in Simply Crochet??  How emphatically can one say YES in an email??

So that was three months ago, and behold, I am reliably informed that the September issue does indeed feature the Mexican sunset mandala (along with others, obviously!).

Thank you so much, Lucy!  I’m chuffed to bits 🙂


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