Vintage Vinyl

vinylgaloreIt’s not all crochet, gardening and loud cotton prints here at SarahStar-land, y’know!  Welcome to my other world, of Vintage Vinyl.

Not that it was in any way ‘vintage’ when I bought it: these LPs all date from my teens and twenties, when vinyl was pretty much the only choice.  Apart from cassettes of course, but no self-respecting music lover would buy them!  My collection spans the 60s, 70s, and 80s and all kinds of rock, with a few forays into folk and electronica, as you’d expect from a an old ex-goth hippie chick such as myself!  RoyHarperBut, much-loved though they were in their day, I’ve been carting these albums around for (*mumbles incoherantly*) years now, and this summer I decided the time had come to let them go.  Not absolutely everything, but a good 100 or so, most of which I either have on CD or would never listen to again anyway.

Boy, have I learned A LOT about the vintage vinyl business in the last few months! Cleaning, grading, labels, matrix codes… and I thought I’d just take a few snaps and bung them out there!vinylcleaning

Going through all these old records, some of which I haven’t even looked at in 20 years, has been rather fun, though.  They knew how to do album art back in the 70s, didn’t they?Taliesyn

And I have to wonder whether there are some records I actually bought more for their covers than the music? –  I’m pretty sure Kari-Ann Muller’s electric blue eyeshadow and sexy silver platforms were what made Roxy Music’s first album a ‘Must-Have’, for one!RoxyGatefold

Ah, the pop of the needle hitting the disc; the anticipatory crackle; the depth of the sound… and oh yeah, the skips, jumps, and surface hiss! The horror of knocking the needle and dragging a great scratch across your brand new, limited-release Led Zeppelin!  Taping 2p pieces to your stylus to stop that 12″ single from getting stuck….  Ah, the joys of Vintage Vinyl!

Wishing you all a very GROOVY week 🙂


(PS If you’d like to see my LPs for sale, please do visit my eBay profile).


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