WhooHoo! Purple Plantain T-Shirt


At last!  Some sewing has happened!  Actually this happened a couple of weeks ago but you all know how tardy I am by now…  Here I am posing by some beautiful textile art by Gill Everard in my Deer & Doe plantain T-shirt! (Follow the link to download the free pattern).

I’ve been wanting to have a go at sewing knits for ages, and was very inspired by Scruffy Badger’s lovely Dotty Plantain a while back.  I have a lot of fitting issues with tops so I was *super-chuffed* to find that this pattern worked so well for me with fairly minimal adjustments – I just added some extra width around the body and in the upper sleeves.  And speaking of sleeves, how can you RESIST a T-shirt with elbow patches??elbowpatch

I wasn’t sure old Auntie Janis (my ancient Singer Samba) was totally up to the job: I don’t own an overlocker, so I used this post from Tilly to get the stitching right.  A little practice run making a matching headband, and we were away!  I did think the whole twin-needle thing would be asking too much of Auntie J, but check this out – she did me proud!  I reckon I’m going to sew EVERYTHING with a twin needle from now on…


I absolutely LOVE this fabric, a soft cotton jersey print (in my favourite colour!) from Minerva that has washed & tumble dried OK so far.  I admit I’ve worn my Plantain to death already, and will definitely be making more.  Next time though I’ll add a couple of inches to the length to hide the old tummy bulge, and perhaps take an inch or so out of the upper chest – that neckline is just a little too low for me!

If you haven’t succumbed to the delights of the Plantain yet, I urge you to have a go!

I mean, look – funky elbow patches!  What’s not to love??elbows2



2 thoughts on “WhooHoo! Purple Plantain T-Shirt

  1. Lovely! You picked a gorgeous fabric, and I’m well impressed at your double needle achievements. It looks great on you, and a useful casual top. You going to make any more?

    I’ve got the plantain pattern on my list of things to sew, but it’s a very long and wide-ranging list!

    • Thanks Béa! I’ll definitely make another, in fact I’m hoping there’s enough of this fabric left to make a short-sleeved version as well. It was a very easy sew and came together quickly, well worth the effort.

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