New Year, New You? – Not Yet!

Happy 2014!

My original intention with this first post of the new year was to go with the whole, ‘Yeah!  New Year!  New stuff!  A whole bunch of new projects, new, new NEW!’ somanyprojecBut actually, the truth is at this time of year I often find myself with a whole bunch of what I like to call works-in-progress (rather than ‘unfinished projects!), and not enough time/energy/daylight available to get on and finish them, let alone begin something new.wigglecushion1I think many of us experience a bit of an ‘energy-drain’ at this time of year, and for those of us who suffer from ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), it can be tough just getting through the basics!  Meanwhile, we’re being bombarded with bright, exhortative messages to get ‘out with the old, in with the new’, make a ‘new start’, and so on.  The temptation is to begin yet ANOTHER new project, which then makes me feel guilty about leaving all the unfinished ones on the shelf.  Or staring me in the face every time I wash up, even…kitchentilesSO!!  – This year, I am going to spend January gently conserving my energy and getting on with my works-in-progress.  I am taking a lead from Michael Nobbs over at Sustainably Creative, who advocates A Month of Hibernation in January, and my other favourite blogger Havi Brooks, whose Campaign to Bring Back Hibernation I’m (in)actively supporting! cosybedroomInstead of Instead of rushing round trying to ‘clear the decks’ and dive into the NEW, I will be mostly spending my free time by the fire, watching DVDs, reading, and enjoying using any creative energy I do have to move a tiny bit forward on my existing projects.  After all, there’s no need to rush.  I want to still be in love with whatever I’m working on, not for it to feel like a burden or something I have to hurry up and finish!wiggleprojectplanningAnd I don’t know about you, but I often find some of my best creative ideas for new projects come whilst I’m working on something else…sleeve2I’m hoping that this year, once the days start getting longer and the sap begins to rise, I’ll have a whole bunch of exciting new projects lined up, and I’ll have (hopefully!) finished my current ones.

So this January, I say the New can wait: ON with the OLD! cardielayout



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