The Joys of July!

avalonsunsetIt’s been a glorious July here, with lots of long sunny days (and a few wet ones, too!) that have been perfect for….

…hiking up to Llyn Barfog (Bearded Lake) a few miles from my house for a Sunday picnic and watching the dragonflies flitting amongst the lily pads…LlynBarfog

…spending a wet weekend making my BALCONY BUNTING! and watching the local birdlife’s reaction to it (completely indifferent, as you can see)…birds&bunting

…another ‘glamping’ trip to my beloved Glastonbury, where I spent a wonderful afternoon cooling down at the Chalice Well gardens…

chalice well

…hanging a little wish on the remains of the old Glastonbury Thorn tree (can you guess which one is mine??)…

GlastonburyPeaceFlower…visiting one of my best friends and having a day out at The Lowland Games, the highlight of which was, beyond doubt, the ferret racing! ¬†Oh yeah…ferrets

…and my spectacular lillies, that flower for just two weeks in July and send their heavenly perfume wafting in through the balcony door on warm evenings…


I hope your July has been full of joys as well!

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