Spring Progress: the Garden

wellies&geraniumsIt’s Spring!  And the weather has been so amazing, all I’ve wanted to do these last few weeks is be outdoors playing in my new garden – it’s been all spades, muck and wellies instead of yarn, hooks, and fabrics for a change.

Remember this post back in March, when I showed you the garden I’d taken on with my new house?BigViewB4Empty, apart from weeds, rocks, and, as it’s turned out, LOTS of broken glass and pottery.  I mean, bucket loads – go figure?!  But nevertheless, progress is being made. The hedge is trimmed, the border by the shed weeded, flower borders and lawn marked out and clearing & planting begun.  My main priority though, was to get my veg beds dug.  Here is my long pea & bean bed, a triumph of pacing for a middle-aged woman with M.E. and a bad back I think you’ll agree:bigview290415Don’t be fooled by bean-bed’s smoothly-raked surface: beneath her lies 3 sacks of rotted horse manure and two of kitchen waste!  To keep out the ubiquitous dandelions (has anyone else noticed what a bumper year for them it seems to be??), I covered each section with cardboard and old carpets as I finished.  In the foreground here you can also see the young willow cuttings I’ve planted that will eventually grown into a screen for the compost area.

Here’s the other side by the fence as it looked in February:WestSideB4

And now, with two lovely new beds, one for spuds & beetroot, one for leeks & roots:WestSide290415

These beds were forked over to remove the worst weeds, then mulched with cardboard and a deep layer of manure.  Nothing much is happening yet, though one or two brave radishes have popped up already!

And yes, ALL those stones I’ve used to start making the paths were dug out of the beds…

There’s still a lot to do, but I am very much enjoying the process of making the garden. Seeds have begun to germinate in the cold frame, both veg and flowers.  And I’m really looking forward to planting the flower and herb borders, finally giving all the plants I’ve had in pots for years on various balconies and front steps a permanent home!  shedborder290415It hasn’t all been gardening this month, and I’ll be back soon with some pics from April to prove that I did do SOME other stuff this month (mostly visiting gardens though haha!).  Til then, wishing you all a lovely weekend and a very happy Beltaine/Mayday 🙂


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