WhooHoo! Limeade Dress

flouncyshotYes, it’s DONE!  As reported in the comments on Project:Stalled last week, I managed to get my hand-printed Sweetheart Sundress back on track and it is now FINISHED!  Just in time for the sudden demise of summer (anyone else noticed that it appears to be autumn already??), but I don’t care, I think it looks pretty good with a cardie anywaycardieshot1I made a few adjustments to the pattern after my last make to address the fitting issues on the bodice.  I took 1.5″ out of the side seams at the top but cut a more generous curve into the centre front seam (the equivalent of an FBA, I guess!), and I shortened the bodice by 1.5″ as well.  I also left off the bias band and started the front gathers about 1″ down from the top, so as to show off my lovely hand-printed border.  I’m pretty pleased with the fit overall this time – although despite shortening them twice, those damn straps are still slightly too long!bodicedetail

I absolutely LOVE the way this lime green fabric works with the dark green print!  I had so much fun doing the block printing – such a simple thing, just using my little indian woodcut block and some fabric paint.  A word of warning though – if you accidentally splash any paint, or even the water you’ve used to rinse your brush, etc, onto your fabric, it WILL stain.  Ask me how I know…borderprinting1

Now, remember how last week my nice dotty polycotton lining was all hanging out in    half-stitched bits and pieces?  Well, check OUT how busy I’ve been with my needle!

finishedliningI always used to loathe hand sewing, but I must admit to quite getting into it having now made two of these dresses.  I’m finding that I rather enjoy stepping away from Auntie Janis for a bit and sitting by the balcony to slip-stitch a lining or hand sew a hem.  And my technique’s definitely improving, too!  And speaking of hems and linings…skirthemOoh yes, I am just a *little bit* pleased with that!!  And okay, so I AM slightly disappointed that I didn’t get it finished in time for the really hot sunny weather, but heyho, I can dress up and daydream, right?OMGSunshine

Wishing you all a Lusciously Limey kinda week! x

2 thoughts on “WhooHoo! Limeade Dress

  1. Oooh- that’s brilliant!!! I’m jumping up & down and clapping! It’s wonderfully Lusciously Limey! It looks fab and will remind you of summer and sun even when it’s a bit autumnal.

    Those prints really do work well with the colour, and speaking from my own recent experiences with printing on fabric, I think you kind of have to accept that the occasional accidental oops is part and parcel of the whole hand-printed process. It’s what makes your dress unique and personal.

    I’m so glad you got this finished and you can enjoy wearing it.

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