WhooHoo! Border print tunic

fulllength1So, I think you can tell from my facial expression here, how very chuffed I am with the way this make came out!  Only finished it last week and have worn it TWICE already during my recent trip down to Radnorshire.  Here I am posing outside my lovely friend Jas’s gorgeous house!backshotStill making changes to this pattern, that began life as NewLook 6086; because I was working with a border print I cut it straight along the bottom instead of slightly curved as in the original, and I think it actually works better that way.  Not enough fabric to print-match unfortunately but I still love it!  And speaking of not enough fabric… those sleeves in full:sleeveywonder

I actually re-drafted the whole sleeve for this pattern as I’d changed the armscye so much that the original no longer fitted.  I wanted shorter sleeves for this than the blue batik version, and I also tapered them slightly to get around the fabric shortage.  There wasn’t enough fabric to cut them with borders at the bottom, and in fact not even enough border left to make a cuff for each sleeve.  ARGH!!  Much measuring and mathematics followed til I worked out I could cut the border in half and make two matching cuffs of half-bottom, half-top!  Yep, I’m pretty pleased with this solution – if anyone asks, I’m telling them it’s a design feature!fullwithrosesSo that’s it, a happy summer top in a nice cool poly/cotton/something mix, perfect for long drives and evenings spent rummaging through friends’ vintage pattern stashes…. Aha, but THAT’S another post!

Wishing you all a very lovely week!  🙂

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