WhooHoo! Mexican Sunset Cushion

finishedcushionbluebkground Well, yes, I know it’s traditional in CrochetBlog Land to have a ‘Ta-Dah!’ moment when a project is complete, but I get SO excited when I finally finish something, that for me it’s a WHOOHOO!  finishedcushion1So, here it is, the finished Mexican Sunset cushion!  I have to say, I’m really pleased with the way this has turned out, particularly the way the lovely bright colours show up against the lining.

As mentioned in the tutorial, I made a bit of extra effort with this cushion and not only added a lining but also a zipper.  Once upon a time, I used to always just stuff my cushion pads into my covers and sew them closed; but then  one day I bought some very nice chenille cushions that had removable, zipped covers, and discovered that cushion covers could easily be washed!  Who knew?? – This totally revolutionised my approach to cushion-making.zip detailTo hide the zip, I left the two sides of my crochet cover unjoined and did a row of single crochet along each where the zipper is.  I then sewed these sc rows to the cushion lining very close to the zipper teeth, so that when it’s zipped up it’s hidden underneath the crochet.finishedcushion2take2

So there it is, sunshine on a dull cloudy day, of which we have had many lately up here in Magical Mid Wales.  Now, what my bedroom really needs is a lampshade to match….


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