Purple Waves Pt 2: the blanket (almost)

BlanketRipplesDone2Remember back in November, I embarked on my winter crochet project of making a double-bed sized Attic24 ripple blanket? – My ripples are DONE!!!  Yes, that’s 142 rows of 227 stitches, 71 ripples in total.  Can I say, wow??

I have absolutely LOVED working these lush pink and purple rows.  I’ve mostly been working on it in the evenings by the fire, though I did take it with me to the folks’ over Xmas (and now have an order for two more!) and indulged in quite a bit of hooky time in front of the TV.  So I’ve just started on the edging, and am really hoping it will be finished before I move house in a couple of weeks!  It would be so nice to have it all done and on my bed here before I leave….BlanketRipplesDone1

Wishing you all a very warm and snuggly weekend! 🙂


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