Purple Waves Pt 1: Hot Water Bottle Cover

It’s WINTER!!  Remember I said at the end of last month that I was looking forward to a new winter crochet project?  Well, this isn’t it!  But THIS, my friends, is my test-run for a full double-bed-sized winter blanket!  Oh YEAH!!HWBC1

I’ve been inspired by all the lovely Ripple Blankets appearing on Lucy’s Attic24 blog (here and here) recently, and decided I’d like to make one for myself using lots of warm purples and pinks.  As it’s such a big project, I thought I’d better actually check my tension for once (because we know what happens when I don’t, right??).  And then I got the idea that it would be SO COSY to have a hot-water bottle cover to match my blanket!HWBC2

Doing a ‘try-out’ like this was also a great way to see how the colours worked together. Originally, I thought I’d repeat the same sequence of colours through the whole blanket, but once I started making the hottie cover I soon saw it would look much better (and be more fun to make!) if I varied them.

If you fancy making yourself a snuggly hot water bottle cover like this, all you need is the Attic24 Neat Ripple pattern.  I used a size G (UK 4mm) hook and StyleCraft special DK.  It’s basically one long piece (42 stitches x 36 rows) joined at the top & bottom to make a tube then sewn up at one end to hold the water bottle; then a rectangle (28 stitches x 16 rows) attatched to the back to make the top flap.  Obviously the size may vary depending on your tension and your hot water bottle!HWBCflap

I ‘filled in’ the top and bottom of the ripples on the rectangle-flap to make them straight (as per Lucy’s tutorial), then crocheted a border along each side as well.  I also did a border along the top edge of the main piece, then crocheted the flap to the back of this (not particularly centrally, as you can see!) and sewed a button on the front.


Simple and very snuggly!  I’ve now started on the blanket for real, and there is something SO very relaxing about the rhythm of hooking these lovely purple waves in the evenings, I just love sitting by the fire, wrapping myself up in these gorgeous colours…  Expect to see a ‘WhooHoo’ post on this sometime…er, next summer??

Wishing you all a very cosy weekend! 🙂


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