Project: Stalled!

stalled1Hmm… it seems that my creative life has hit a bit of a ‘summer slump’ at the  moment!

This is my latest sewing project, a second Sweetheart Sundress in lime green with hand-printed borders.  I started working on it almost immediately after the last one, intending to have it finished in time for my camping trip to Glastonbury.  I was going great guns – as you can see from the pics, I even got as far as block printing the straps and bodice – right up until the day before I left, when I hit a few fitting issues and realised there was no way it would be ready to take with me.  When I came back from my hols I was bit poorly for a week and didn’t have much sewing mojo, and now I’m worried the Limeade Dress might well miss this summer entirely!  stalled2Last week I had my brother to stay, and despite my best efforts to crack on with the project that was meant to be a housewarming-anniversary present for him & his partner, I still couldn’t get it finished in time for his visit.  This one has been many months in the making, as I have designed the whole thing myself.  I did manage to finish crocheting all the bits but now have to work out how to put them all together to make… oh you’re going to love this! … CROCHET TURTLE CUSHIONS!  Yep.  Well, they will be.  One day.stalledturtlesBack in June I also began a second Attic24 bag, which I’d intended to put in my friend’s PopUp shop along with the Magic Roundabout bag in July.  Here it is today.  Yes, it does look like an over-sized Rastacap.  No, it doesn’t have any handles yet.  Or a lining (that’s the orange fabric you can see in the background with absolutely no bag-lining-type shapes cut out of it).  And look at all those tails waiting to be sewn in….stalledbeachbagAm I alone?  Is summer just not the season for doing craftsy things indoors?!  I mean, it’s not as though we haven’t had our share of rainy days this last few weeks!  Although there is one thing I started that I reckon another rainy day ought to see me finishing, at least I hope this one’s not too beyond me…stalledfrogsWishing you all a colourful weekend! x


2 thoughts on “Project: Stalled!

  1. I hope you can get the Limeade Dress going again in time for the end of the summer, because it’s gorgeous!!!! It’s a fabulous colour, and I love the block prints, it makes the dress extra-special.

    I’m the other way around- it’s the wintertime when my projects stall, or rather, that I don’t even get things started. I’m going to try and push through that barrier this time round, even if it’s just a bit of knitting, or refashioning.

    • Happy to report that doing this post seems to have helped me re-engage: the Limeade dress is back on track, hurray! I also have a wintertime ‘hibernation’ period so I know what you mean! Maybe we should just write about it and it will help get us going??

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