Jane Crowfoot ‘Wiggle’ cushion

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted Jane Crowfoot & Debbie Abrahams’s sumptuous crochet and knitting book Kaleidoscope in a couple of my recent post-picskaleidoscope2I don’t normally buy brand new books, I prefer to get mine ‘pre-loved’ from second hand shops or online dealers, but THIS book just grabbed me, from the first time I saw it on Black Sheep Wool’s website!insidekaleidoscopeA WHOLE BOOK of cushion, bag, and blanket patterns!  I had a bad case of ‘the wanties’, I can tell you…  I resisted for quite some time but I kept thinking about that colourful chevron-striped cushion on the front cover, and eventually I caved in and bought it!

But I’m SO glad I did, it’s full of lovely patterns for things I will actually make.  And when I discovered that I may potentially NOT be allergic to alpaca, I knew exactly what my first project was going to beselection of brightly coloured alpaca yarnsMy thinking was, sitting against an alpaca cushion would be a potentially less distressing way to find out whether I’m allergic to it than, say, wearing an alpaca jumper.  And if I do turn out to be allergic, it will be easier to find a new home for a cushion.  The ‘Wiggle’ cushion pattern actually calls for cotton 4ply, but I figured since the alpaca is also 4ply it would work up in a fairly similar way, but just be a bit denser.  And hairier!  This, you’ll remember, is how it looked last weekend:wigglecushion1But as you know, I’ve been hibernating this week, so this is how it looks today:wigglenearlydoneAlmost done (but look at all those ends that need sewing in)! Just 20 rows to go.  I’ve never worked crochet in rows before, so I’m rather pleased at the way this has progressed, especially as it’s worked on a teeny tiny 3mm hook and I thought it would take forever.  I’m curious about the way the chevrons have given it a kind of ‘concertina’ effect – steaming it flat should be interesting…

So I’m hoping there will be a ‘WhooHoo!’ post on this project in the next few weeks, followed by a few more as I gently work my way through those Works-In-Progress!

Have a lovely happy hooky stitchy week, whatever you’re working on 🙂


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