Colourful crochet hooks

A quick update on my latest crochet extravagance: colourful custom-made crochet hooks!  These are made to order by the lovely Angela Hickey, who made Lucy from Attic 24’s famous red & white polka-dot hook.  One look at Angela’s Etsy shop and Flickr gallery and I came down with a bad case of ‘The Wanties’! three crochet hooks with colourful handles, purple with green dots, rainbow stripes, red with white dotsI am SO chuffed with these, they are lovely to use and make me smile every time I look at them.  I’m using my fabulous purple and green spotted hook to make some Christmas pressies at the moment and it just adds that extra element of fun to everything, as well as being much more comfortable to use than plain metal hooks: the handles are made of polymer clay and sit nicely in your hand while you’re working.

And speaking of Christmas presents, the Attic24 hook is a surprise pressie for a lovely crocheting friend, so shhhh….

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