A vintage pop-up shop

Shopfront1I’ve talked about vintage vinyl, vintage fabrics, vintage wallpaper, and all things vintage on this blog, so I guess it will come as no surprise that my tiny house is rather PACKED with all these treasures, and sometimes you just have to let things go.  What better way than to open your own, one-day-only PopUp shop?!  This week there’s lots happening in my town, with the annual show, a walking festival, and several local artists opening their studios for the county wide H.Art event (including my neighbours, details of their work here), so today I threw open the front door, put up the psychedelic bunting, and stopped the traffic with my home-made neon day-glo sign.signIt is actually much, MUCH brighter than it looks in this picture!  And the traffic did quite literally slow down outside my house to get a better look.  Maybe it was the sign, maybe it was the electric blue 1970s platforms in the window, we’ll never know…ShopWindowDespite waking up to a downpour, much to my relief things did dry out in time for my grand opening at 10.30.  As well as the vinyl, I had some vintage clothes and shoes for sale, my Cosmic Crochet crafts, vintage sewing patterns and wallpapers, a fabulous antique rug I was selling for a friend, and a selection of cards and curious things from the very wonderful Colva Books.  How’s this for an inviting-looking counter?ShopCounterand a fine selection of quality vinyl?VinylSelection

Obviously I couldn’t waste such a fabulous dressing-up opportunity!  Yes, it’s the 1970s terylene, blogged here, and my very favourite of my mum’s 70s necklaces.MeOutside

It was a fun day – friends dropping in for tea, some great sounds, plus I got to meet a bunch of lovely folk and talk music and clothes and sewing, all without having to leave my front room.  As far as sales go, well… let’s just say, I won’t be retiring to the English Riviera any time soon!  But it’s given me lots of ideas for future small events and who knows? – Maybe I’ll do it again next year.  With an even BRIGHTER sign…Me&Signwishing you all a neon day-glo happy weekend 🙂


Vintage Vinyl

vinylgaloreIt’s not all crochet, gardening and loud cotton prints here at SarahStar-land, y’know!  Welcome to my other world, of Vintage Vinyl.

Not that it was in any way ‘vintage’ when I bought it: these LPs all date from my teens and twenties, when vinyl was pretty much the only choice.  Apart from cassettes of course, but no self-respecting music lover would buy them!  My collection spans the 60s, 70s, and 80s and all kinds of rock, with a few forays into folk and electronica, as you’d expect from a an old ex-goth hippie chick such as myself!  RoyHarperBut, much-loved though they were in their day, I’ve been carting these albums around for (*mumbles incoherantly*) years now, and this summer I decided the time had come to let them go.  Not absolutely everything, but a good 100 or so, most of which I either have on CD or would never listen to again anyway.

Boy, have I learned A LOT about the vintage vinyl business in the last few months! Cleaning, grading, labels, matrix codes… and I thought I’d just take a few snaps and bung them out there!vinylcleaning

Going through all these old records, some of which I haven’t even looked at in 20 years, has been rather fun, though.  They knew how to do album art back in the 70s, didn’t they?Taliesyn

And I have to wonder whether there are some records I actually bought more for their covers than the music? –  I’m pretty sure Kari-Ann Muller’s electric blue eyeshadow and sexy silver platforms were what made Roxy Music’s first album a ‘Must-Have’, for one!RoxyGatefold

Ah, the pop of the needle hitting the disc; the anticipatory crackle; the depth of the sound… and oh yeah, the skips, jumps, and surface hiss! The horror of knocking the needle and dragging a great scratch across your brand new, limited-release Led Zeppelin!  Taping 2p pieces to your stylus to stop that 12″ single from getting stuck….  Ah, the joys of Vintage Vinyl!

Wishing you all a very GROOVY week 🙂


(PS If you’d like to see my LPs for sale, please do visit my eBay profile).