Things I’ve been making this month

bluewaves#63Aloha, I hope you’re all having a lovely May and managing to squeeze in a bit of creative time, in whatever form takes your fancy!  As well as taking time out from the Blue Waves blanket (stripe No 63 in this pic, but 65 today!) to make some crochet  bunting, I’ve also been playing around with other kinds of making these last couple of weeks.

As reported last month, I am obsessed with my new garden at the moment.  Having cleared a HUGE pile of weeds that got thrown into a heap as I went along, I decided it was high time I had a proper compost bin.  I’d rootled through the ‘no good for anything but the bonfire’ woodpile at Tir Heddwch on my last visit and selected some choice pieces for this project, so with a wobbly hammer, some nails, a bowsaw and my trusty motto “How hard can it be?”, I set about the task!compostbinThe wonkiest compost bin known to Gardeningkind? – Well, quite possibly, but nevertheless I was pretty chuffed with myself and it does the job!

I’ve been getting a bit creative in the kitchen too, but don’t expect to see any baking pictures here!  Instead I’ve been cooking up some lovely rich moisturiser and sun protection balm, using natural ingredients.  Both use a simple cocoa butter/beeswax/oil recipe, there are lots out there but see this YouTube video for a very easy how-to.  For the moisturiser I added lavender and bergamot essential oils, and the sun balm is made using wheatgerm oil (SPF20) and carrot seed essential oil (SPF40), plus some lavender to mask the truly yucky smell of the carrot seed oil!  Really.  Trust me on this.


And what could be better than garden and kitchen together?!  I picked my first teeny bit of produce last week, which was exceptionally pleasing:  1stvegOK, so it was only enough for a little bit of side-salad, but I tell you what, the flavours in this chard, radish, & chive combo put everything else on my plate to shame!  Yummmm….!1stsaladHave a delicious weekend, everyone! 🙂